Happy Holidays From Us To You!

At this point, your holiday shopping must be nearly complete, and you are in the full swing of Christmas entertaining. But of course, the work is never done. Just because the presents are wrapped doesn’t mean it is quite time to kick back and relax for most of us.

So, if you are like me, a truly successful gathering is all in the details. When I think of the holidays, I think of the smells and sounds. I like to add a few last-minute decorations that will entice all of the senses of my guests. If you are looking for a few ideas that will really wow your family and friends, take a look at a few ideas that are easy to add to your to do list.

How to Make Pomander Balls


This is an easy and affordable project that will bring a wonderful aroma into your home and add some festive cheer with a creative flair.

DIY Apple Garland


As you may have noticed, we love to incorporate fruit into our home décor. Apples are a great way to make seasonal decorations with a pop of color.

Ice Lanterns


If you are looking for inexpensive, then it doesn’t get any better than this. You can make these elegant lanterns with materials you already have at your house (container, water, freezer, candles). Just make sure to keep them as outdoor décor to avoid a mess.

Ornament Wreath


Do you have some leftover tree ornaments that you needed something to do with? Look no further than this colorful DIY wreath. It doesn’t get much more festive than this.

Sometimes it seems like the holiday season lasts forever, but then it is over in the blink of an eye. We hope that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday full have laughter and cheer. Happy holidays from Oak for Less to you!