How to Spruce Up a Rental

Some of us may be on the verge of obsessive when it comes to websites, blogs, magazines…pretty much anything that has to do with home décor and projects. But not all of us have the luxury of owning our home, which means that all of these amazing DIY projects that we are stumbling across are not always appropriate for a rental.

That doesn’t mean we should give up our dreams of creating an amazing space for relaxing or entertaining. Whether you have a long or short-term rental, there are plenty of things you can do to make it your own.

Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

Moving into a new place can be exciting because it is like starting with a blank slate. This can also be intimidating.  If you have a big blank wall staring at you, sometimes it can be hard to visualize how to fill it.  If you are concerned with damaging the wall remember that spackle works wonders, and there are lots of affordable hardware options that minimize damage.  Get creative with photos, art and wall hangings.  Try an oversized piece that will define your style and cut down on white space.

Add Some Color

Many renters think that they are not allowed to paint the space, but simply check with the owner to see what their policy is on this. Many places allow you to paint as long as you return it to the original color when you leave.  Who knows, maybe they will even like the color so much that they decide to keep it.  But don’t fret if there is a no paint policy.  These days there are lots of options for temporary wall treatments.

Functional Furniture

If you are a crafty person, one of the appeals of buying a home is to add on and build features to your liking. This is usually not an option when you are renting.  If space is limited or the layout of the home is not ideal, consider searching for functional furniture that will serve the purpose in this rental and is easy to take with you when you move.  Portable kitchen islands are a perfect example of a way to add counter space and storage as well as style, and are easy to transport to the next place.

Creative Storage

Many older homes and rentals have a serious lack of storage and closet space. There are some beautiful pieces of furniture that can resolve your space issue as well as make a statement stylistically.  If you are having difficulty finding a place to house your wardrobe, be on the lookout for a great armoire.  Whether you buy new or antique, these can often be a focal point in a room as well as a functional addition.  Play around with different shelving options.  Maybe a bookcase with colorful storage bins will work in the space, or free-standing shelves that you could paint an interesting color.

Just because you are not a homeowner does not mean that you can’t be inspired to create the environment that you have always envisioned for your home. It is important to always check with your landlord or rental company before making any major changes, but hopefully these techniques will spark your creative fire so you can experiment with the space.