Is DIY Right for You?

DIY (or Do It Yourself) is all the rage when it comes to house projects and decorating, but we have all seen the epic Pinterest fail.  This phenomenon occurs when you find the perfect project that appears oh so easy to complete, only to find that it took way longer, was way harder, and the finished result looks like your 5-year-old threw it together.

So, is this elusive DIY concept worth the time and energy? That is completely up to you, but the following tips may help guide you when you consider tackling your next DIY home project.


If you find DIY instructions online, there may be a suggestion of how much time it takes to complete the project. I would go ahead and double that suggestion to be on the safe side.  Consider how much time you really have to dedicate, because nothing is more frustrating than starting a project, and having it sit unfinished for days, weeks, maybe even years.


Some people like DIY because they are creative and handy, others might choose this route because it is more affordable. Do a little research before buying the materials.  If you add up all the materials you will need and any extra tools that will be required, is it more affordable than buying new?  This may not be important to you, but the little things add up and it is easy to see that price tag start to creep up.


Evaluate if the necessary materials are easy to obtain. If you are building furniture out of pallets, look into places that you can get them, and how many you will be able to get your hands on.  Will you have to buy the materials new, or can you find them used, discounted, or free?  Again, this is where proactive research will save you from starting something you can’t complete.

Think Creatively

Be prepared for the finished product to look different than you intended. And that isn’t always a bad thing.  You might want to take some liberties and stray from the original directions.  Maybe you change the color, or supplement a different material.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Whether you are building your own furniture, or creating your own wall art, DIY can be fun and economical. But it can also come with some headaches.  Before you plunge into your next project, take into consideration the time, money, and materials factor.  Always shop around, maybe you will find the perfect piece already assembled and ready to go.  One great advantage of DIY is it will always be unique to you and your tastes.