Looking Ahead

The new year brings all kinds of resolutions and goals to work towards.  No matter what is going on in my life, I know I always view this time as a fresh start, and an opportunity to try something new, or refresh something old.

But I also know that resolutions can be tricky, and we often set ourselves up for failure.  Sometimes we set unattainable goals.  Sometimes we simply make too many to possibly fit in our busy schedule.  And sometimes we just lose interest over time.  The good news is, it is perfectly fine to change, alter, or even abandon those resolutions.  They aren’t set in stone.  Sometimes we make them just to motivate and get a new perspective.

Something that helps me keep on track with the goals that I set at the beginning of the year, is to create accountability.  How do I do this?  I tell someone what my resolutions are.  In my mind, when I say something out loud, it becomes more real.  So, this year I will be telling you!  I tend to make a long list, but below you will find my goals for my home that I hope to accomplish in 2018.  Thanks for listening!

Plant a Garden

This is one aspiration that comes about every single year for me.  One year I did it all wrong.  Without any research I threw a bunch of vegetable plants in the ground, only to find that little critters came that very evening and had a feast on all my hard work.  This year, I plan to build a raised garden platform and create a fence barrier before I attempt to plant anything.  I also intend on planting some early spring bulbs for a summertime of blooms.


Improve My Outdoor Spaces

Dreaming of a garden with fresh fruits and veggies, and fragrant and bright flowers, leads me to think of ways to really utilize my porches and yard.  I want to build an oasis for reading a book, or entertaining friends.  Hopefully, I can find affordable options for furniture, or even better yet, tackle some DIY projects to really enhance the space.

Update my Dining Room

So often, this space becomes a dumping ground for mail, craft projects, kid’s toys, or anything that I just don’t have a place for.  This year I plan to update the seating with a more modern pattern, and invest in sophisticated table settings that will make me long for dinner parties and slower paced family dinners.  I have my eye out for a simple table runner, eclectic plates, and bright napkins and rings.  I would also like to integrate some wood décor into the scheme.


Functionalize my Kitchen

I would say the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in my house, and sometimes the hustle and bustle leads to an unorganized mess.  Pots with mysteriously missing lids, completely mismatched Tupperware, too many mugs, not enough bowls, and never enough counter space.  I am on the hunt for a beautiful kitchen island t to increase storage and space.  I am also investigating an interesting way to hang my pots and pans on the wall in a stylish and functional manner.

You can build accountability in a number of ways.  You may not have a blog to announce your intentions, but you can try simply writing them down and revisiting them periodically.  Try telling a friend or loved one.  Every time they ask you about them, it will be a reminder of the hopes you started the year with.  Whether it be for your home or your life, we hope all your dreams and wishes come true this year.