Making an Entrance

We all know the sayings about first impressions and judging a book by its cover, and these concepts can easily be applied to your home.  Think about when you enter a store.  A grocery store may have a display with seasonal fruits to entice your senses of color and taste.  A clothing store presents current trends with colors and textures that will speak to the customer.

These techniques can also be used for your home.  You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable, but perhaps even more importantly, you want to be excited to enter your space as well.  After a long day of work, there is nothing better than being greeted with an environment that matches your style and mood.

So, how does one accomplish this?  The following ideas are examples of ways that you can create an entrance with a pop that will set the tone for the comforts that your home offers.


The farmhouse feel is a design that is timeless and really conveys comfort.  A great aspect of this style is that it allows for creativity and interpretation.  By weathering pieces that you already own, or by scouring yard sales and second-hand stores, you can decorate with an authentic rustic feel that allows for great functionality.


If you prefer clean lines and a dramatic entrance, try playing around with dark colors and patterns.  Then mix in unique fixtures such as a vintage light fixture or brass details.  We often leave our ceilings a blank color, but if you are feeling brave you can create a wow factor by using a patterned wallpaper or a vibrant color.

A Statement Piece

Making a lasting first impression can be accomplished in the details.  It only takes one interesting piece of furniture or art to get the inspiration flowing.  By choosing a unique entry or side table and adorning it with one of a kind lamps or personal artwork, you can make a clear statement about your taste and décor.


A great way to maximize space is by optimizing storage.  There are ways to maintain organization while still portraying a sense of style and sophistication.  Mixing materials and adding benches are great ways to increase functionality.

Whether your home is a hot spot for entertaining or a haven for relaxation, it is a reflection of you and your personal style.  The entryway is the handshake of the home, so make sure it is a strong one.  Start by defining your aesthetic and get creative from there.  You can create a home that you are excited to enter.