March Makeover Madness

We made it through the holidays. We made it through the first two months of the year (which often seem the longest). And now we are entering March, and soon the start of spring. This is my favorite time of year.  Everything seems fresh and renewed.

We have talked a lot about house projects and DIY ideas, but now I think it is time to step it up a notch and dive into the realm of full makeovers.  This doesn’t always mean a full home renovation, but sometimes just a complete refresh of a space.  This could include furniture, art, flooring, tearing down walls, appliances…the possibilities are endless.

These types of projects take a good bit of planning and sometimes a hefty budget.  Although I am not ready to take the plunge just yet, I am always keeping my eyes open for ideas when the time comes.  Below you will find a few home makeovers that blew me away, and hopefully they will inspire you too.

Before & After: A Muted Arizona Home Gets Bright & Cheery Curb Appeal

I love how these designers brought life to a relatively generic rancher.  It was a family home that needed a facelift.  With three kids, it was essential to create a space that was functional and safe, with a pop of color and style. The X shaped fencing carried over onto the porch and shutters creating a cohesive design with a unique country home feel.  The color of the front door makes a statement without being overbearing.

This Incredible Rustic Bathroom Makeover Cost Less Than $100

Sometimes bathrooms can be challenging.  It is hard to envision ways to change it due to the hardware, but it can be simple and inexpensive to give this space a whole new look.  This article is a great reminder that if you are creative and think out of the box, there are ways to update a small, dark bathroom to make it modern and chic.

Before and After:  A Garage Makeover the Whole Family Can Enjoy

We all have that one space in our house that collects stuff.  And it is not usually the first place that we think of to spend time and money on updating.  This project is a great example of simple and creative ways to organize unexpected spaces, such as the garage.  There is really something for everyone in the family to enjoy, and everything has a place.  What a great way to enter and leave the home.

The word makeover can seem drastic, and sometimes that is just what you need.  But other times, just a simple update can make all the difference in the world.  Whether your outdoor area needs some attention, your guest bathroom is outdated, or your garage is overrun, here are a few ideas to transform those spaces.