Mesquite Wood Masterpiece

Mesquite wood is a lesser known wood, but it is one of the most beautiful kinds available. Mesquite covers about 100 million acres of land and is most commonly found in the Southwestern United States and also dry regions, such as, Southern California, Colorado, Utah, and in Mexico. In the desert, the mesquite tree looks more like a thorny bush than a tree, but in other areas, the trees can grow to be 20-40 feet tall. 

Mesquite has become increasingly popular over the last 20 years, mainly for its unique charm and character. It offers one of a kind features - an array of colors, imperfections, and swirling grain. Mesquite is a thick, heavy wood, that can withstand almost anything. It's an extremely stable wood and does not buckle or split, making it a favorite of woodworkers. 

Fine woodworking and craftsmanship has traditonally been associated with furniture made of classic hardwoods, like oak, cherry, walnut and maple. While these woods are beautiful, they tend to be more flawless pieces, not donning natural imperfections like mequite pieces. Rather than trying to cover up blemishes on mesquite wood, woodworkers turn these blemishes into features and selling points. 

Currently in our showroom, we are featuring an absolutley beautiful mesquite dining table that was handcrafted by an artisan in Mexico. This stunning table is set with gorgeous turquoise inlays. 


The table measures 48 W X 84 L and can comfortably seat 6-8 people. The set also comes with four chairs and a dining bench, which also feature the turquoise inlay. This gorgeous dining set will make for a wonderful conversation piece at your next friend or family gathering. 



We also have other items on display in our showroom made by the same talented artisan. The mesquite coffee table and lazy susan pieces feature the the genuine turquoise inlays, while the mesquite serving tray has a unique black inlay. Since all of these pieces are a product of nature, no two will ever be alike, adding to the character and beauty. 

If you're looking to add some charm and character to your home, decorating with unique, handmade furniture will definitley make a statement. The rustic elegance of mesquite wood will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.