Mission Style Furniture

Although Mission style furniture gained its popularity in the early 1900s, it is still a classic design that is popular today. Mission style furniture is designed with straight lines and flat panels. The lines are horizontal and vertical and can take the form of slats as well. These pieces also fall into the Arts and Crafts style category.

They were designed as a break from the ornate Victorian styles and the plainer factory produced furniture of the Industrial Revolution. The Arts and Crafts style often refers to handmade furniture, however even back in the early days of manufacturing, machines were also used in the furniture production process.

The wood used in Mission style furniture is usually Oak which can be quartersawn. When cut this way, Oak can have distinctive marks such as dashes, ribbons, or tiger stripe patterns. In fact these patterns are a result of Ray Flakes which are highlighted by the cutting process of quartersawn Oak. These markings in the wood grain are highly sought after by collectors of antique Mission style furniture.

Metal hardware on Mission style furniture will vary between the different makers. Our makers use a square backed plate with a loop handle or a round knob with an oval backed plate. The color of the metal hardware is normally black.

We offer Mission style furniture in its traditional Cherry or Red finish, but it is also available in different colors to match your décor as well. The Mission furniture we offer is primarily made in the USA. Bedroom, Home Office, Dining, and Entertainment all have options for Mission style furniture.

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