Mood Boosting Color Choices

Summer is still in full swing, but every year it seems that suddenly fall and winter sneak up on us and the bright sunny days that stretch on forever are a distant memory as we bundle up for the season. One word that defines these fleeting summer months is “vibrant”.  This can be felt with the bright colors and patterns that we adorn ourselves with, or decorate our homes and yards with.

We often associate the cooler months with muted tones, and sometimes drab colors. This year we challenge you to throw caution to the wind and keep those summer vibes alive.  There are plenty of ways to incorporate colors into your home that will keep you thinking of summer all year round. 

Paint Choices

This may seem obvious, but sometimes painting is the easiest way to refresh a space without making any major renovations or changes. It is amazing what a difference slapping on a fresh coat of paint can make.  Remember that lighting can drastically change the color you choose.  Make sure to test a small area and let it completely dry before committing to the whole space.  Try adding a pop of color with just one accent wall, or choose an unexpected bright color for the entire room. 

Dining Room

A traditional dining room is a great feature to have for your home, but don’t feel that you have to stick with monotone colors. An emerging trend over the years has been toward mixing colors and styles.  A great way to change things up is to add colorful chairs, or even a colorful table.  They can all match or you can have varying colors and shades.  These items can be purchased new, or you can paint your existing furniture.  Just make sure to do your research for proper techniques.  There are plenty of DIY tutorials to guide you.


An unexpected place to add color to your home is the kitchen. This is a functional space but there is no reason you can’t add a little flare as well.  A surprisingly easy home project is to add or replace the backsplash behind sink and counters.  The options are endless when it comes to color, material, and style.  If you are feeling really ambitious, you could consider repainting your cabinets or replacing the hardware.


If it feels like way too large of a project to paint or do small renovations there is an affordable and simple option for you – accessorize. This can be achieved by simply purchasing unique throw pillows and blankets.  Experiment with patterns and bright colors.  Try adding some unexpected textures.  Have fun mixing and matching.  You may be surprised how much this will change the feel of the space.

Sometimes it is all in the details. Seasons change, and often all too quickly.  Each season has its pros and cons, but don’t feel like you are forced to conform.  Get creative and use color to keep that summer spark alive.