Oak For Less Spotlight: Amish Made Furniture

There are lots of buzz words and key phrases that float around the furniture and design industry.  Some are passing trends, others have lasting power.  As we have explored the many different types of wood furniture in our blog series on wood, we have found the truly diverse nature of this magnificent substance.

Wood is certainly something that we take for granted.  We are surrounded by trees in nature and our homes are adorned with wood products and furniture pieces.  Yet, we know that not all woods are created equal when it comes to wood furniture.  Some types of wood are better suited for cabinetry, while others may be more appropriate for dining tables and chairs.  Some wood holds up to machine work better, while others are optimal for hand tool craftsmanship.

We know that the material that wood is constructed with is only half of the equation.  Another aspect to strongly consider is the construction process.  How something is made is essential in determining the durability and quality of the item.  This week we want to give you a taste of a furniture collection that Oak for Less holds dear to our hearts: Amish made furniture.

What is Amish made furniture?

Simply put, Amish made furniture is furniture made by Amish people, primarily in the northern region of the United States in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.  The Amish lifestyle is typically void of any electricity, therefore hand tools and diesel compressors are used to construct a wide array of furniture pieces.  The result is extremely durable furniture created with heightened attention to detail.

What does it look like?

Amish furniture typically has a more traditional aesthetic.  The wood is worked by hand to bring out the rich wood colors and natural characteristics of the wood.  Amish craftsman pay close attention to the process of staining and finishing to showcase the many types of wood they use in construction.  It is common to find Amish pieces made from cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and a variety of other hardwoods.

Why choose Amish made furniture?

Purchasing furniture is a big decision and it is important to know that the product will last a long time.  These heirloom pieces are often passed down from generation to generation.  The Amish craftsman take pride in their furniture design and construction, and the beautiful pieces that emerge from this region are distinct, sturdy, and durable.  Because of the Amish construction method, this furniture is also considered a sustainable “green” product.

What kind of Amish made furniture does Oak for Less carry?

You will find a long list of Amish made furniture pieces at Oak for Less including tables, chairs, bedroom furniture, and more.  We appreciate the quality of these beautiful pieces and know you will too.  Make sure to look through our large inventory of Amish made furniture to find the piece that is perfect for you.


It is easy to overlook the process of how things are made when it comes to the furniture buying process, but we urge you to research before you buy.  It is safe to assume that if a piece is Amish made it is worth every penny.  Knowing that true craftsmanship was applied in the construction of your furniture reveals a story that makes it unique and special.