Oak Wood: Trusty Strength and Durability

As you can tell from our name, we have a keen interest in oak wood furniture.  While this material is certainly not the only wood we offer in our large inventory, Oak for Less specializes in finding unique products that hold up to the strong reputation that oak wood has had in the furniture and design world.

Oak wood is almost iconic in nature.  It is common to recognize these trees in natural and man-made landscapes.  Recognized by the signature acorns that cultivate aplenty, oak is known to be a sturdy, strong, and durable hardwood.  When it comes to furniture, appearance is typically the first factor when considering a new purchase.  But you always want to ensure that you find quality furniture that will last a long time. Oak furniture delivers on both of these accounts.  Its durability and beauty make it an ideal material for producing superior furniture with real value.

What does sapwood and heartwood mean?

Every tree has sapwood and heartwood, and how and when it is harvested can be a significant factor in the finished product.  Sapwood is the wood that is found closer to the tree’s bark, and heartwood is found closer to the tree’s center.  There can be varying differences in the wood grain and color depending on if it is harvested from sapwood or heartwood.  For instance, oak wood is typically lighter, and almost white, near the sapwood, while it has a reddish tan hue closer to the heartwood.

Why do woodworkers favor oak wood?

If you are shopping for furniture, you are bound to come across some pieces that are constructed from oak wood.  This is because woodworkers, designers, and manufacturers love to use this material due to its abundance, its durability, and its beauty.  It is naturally resistant to fungal attacks and is a very dense material lending to its extraordinary strength.

What is the difference between different oaks?

There are approximately 600 species of oak with most being found in North America.  White, English, and Red Oak are a few common types that are used to build furniture.  Just like with any wood, the color, grain, and texture can vary from tree to tree or limb to limb.  White oak typically is a light to medium brown.  English oak can sometimes produce a unique fleck pattern.  Red oak sometimes has a more olive appearance.  These differences are what make this product so special.

What are some distinct characteristics of oak wood?

The versatility of oak wood is maybe its most distinct feature.  Because there are so many species of this popular wood, the appearance can vary greatly.  One aspect that can set oak wood apart are the rays that run through the wood grain.  These dark lines can signify the type of oak wood and also create a beautiful pattern that sets it apart from other furniture.

We could keep talking about the interesting properties of oak wood for a long time, but we will leave you to explore more on your own.  Know that when you choose oak wood for your furniture, you are purchasing a piece that will last for years to come.  Woodworkers have been using oak wood for thousands of years and we are always looking for more beautiful and strong pieces to add to our collection.