Outdoor Living Tricks

As we start to inch forward toward Spring and warmer weather, our thoughts start to shift from the comforts of the cozy indoors, to activities we can do outside.  My thoughts immediately go to hiking, swimming, and vacations, but beyond the exciting adventures is the everyday routine that can get a makeover when the days start to extend.

So many people have underutilized outdoor space.  Now, you might not be an outdoorsy person, but perhaps a simple meal on the porch or a couple of potted plants will quench your thirst.  It is not necessary to have acres of land to truly create a functional and serene outdoor living space.  Below you might find a few ideas of simple ways to transform unexpected areas into livable and enjoyable spaces.

Hang a Hammock

This is a quick, easy, and affordable way to create a place for relaxation.  If you have sturdy trees around your home, this will be perfect for shade.  Add colorful pillows and a rustic side table for drinks or a decorative lantern.  Reading books and napping is quite enjoyable in the open air.



Creative Flower Pots

The best way to quickly rejuvenate a drab area is with color.  Flowers can brighten up the space and planters are a great solution if you have a desire to garden but don’t have the yard space.  Get creative with ideas for unique planters and pots.  You can search around your home or hit up local yard sales and thrift stores for ideas.


Outdoor Rug

Many people spend lots of time and money searching for the perfect carpet to compliment their indoor furnishings, but you can spruce up your outdoor area with a colorful rug for a fraction of the cost.  Outdoor rugs are made to be much more durable and can withstand the elements.  Playing with different patterns and colors can make a bold statement as well as increase the comfort level.


Create Privacy

If you live in a populated area and your outdoor area is extremely close to your neighbors, you may be discouraged from spending too much time in that area.  But there are some great simple ways to create a barrier from you and the outside world so that you can enjoy your outdoor space with more intimacy if desired.  Using privacy screens and curtains can evoke a sense of coziness and seclusion.


Many of us have challenges when it comes to our home, and it is common to avoid using your outdoor space simply because you aren’t sure how to fully utilize it.  Whether you live in the city or the country, or have a house or an apartment, these are a few ways that you can maximize your outdoor area that you, your family, or your guests can enjoy.