Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style furniture is characterized by a distressed antique appearance. These pieces are hand distressed and no two pieces are alike, with each one being a little bit different in its antiquing. Distressing can include blackened edges or areas, scratches, pin holes, dents, or paint marks. All of the above distressing gives the furniture a unique old world appearance.

The “Sedona” and “Santa Fe” rustic furniture collections that we feature in store have the addition of natural slate tiles. These tiles are added to different items as accents and can be found on their tops, sides, or trims. The slate tiles add to the overall antique appearance of these rustic furniture pieces. Each piece of slate is unique in its texture and appearance. Colors of the slate tiles will vary from gray, blue-gray, green, rust, and gold. The furniture usually has a combination of several textures and colors which adds to the beauty of the furniture.

The “Sedona” and “Santa Fe” furniture collections use pressed glass in their wood framed glass doors. The “Sedona” group uses a waterfall style glass and the “Santa Fe” group uses a beehive style glass. In addition to the glass, both collections use a dark metal handle that is specific to their particular collection. 

The below picture is of a "Sedona" 52" wide TV Stand. 

There is only one color and wood choice per collection. The “Sedona” comes in Oak and its finish is called Rustic Oak. The “Santa Fe” comes in Birch and its finish is called Dark Chocolate. 

The picture below is of a "Santa Fe" Sofa Mate Table.

Categories for Rustic furniture include bedroom, home office, dining, entertainment, and curios.  Please check them out in store or online at


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