Tips from the Experts

It is so easy to get caught up in our daily lives (school, work, kids, etc.), but it is important to find a balance.  For me, balance means finding a place that I am productive yet inspired.  This is a lot harder than it sounds.  Productivity is something I am always reaching for, but I find that it is much harder to attain if I am uninspired.

Therefore, sometimes I must seek out new sources of inspiration to really get the creative juices flowing.  I often have millions of ideas bouncing around in my head, but the reality doesn’t always turn out like I imagined.

This is when I turn to colleagues, friends, and experts in my community.  And when I say community, I mean my global community. Because in today’s landscape of connectivity, I have direct resources to leaders in our industry around the world, right at my fingertips. Today, I will share of few of my recent blog finds that have not only been interesting to read but have jumpstarted some ideas as well.  Sometimes the best way to find answers is simply seeking the right source.

Tips for Choosing a Rug from an Industry Veteran

This article from Star Furniture Blog, touches on some important points when it comes to purchasing a new rug.  This is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Rugs are expensive, and you want to make sure you assess the size and style you want first, and then match that with your budget.  Do you need something that is going to be durable and last for years?  Do you have kids that might inflict more wear and tear on the rug?  Do you want a traditional or modern aesthetic?  Once you have tackled these questions, this article will delve deeper into important buying choices, such as fiber content, quality, and density.

Modern Laundry Rooms That Will Make Laundry More Fun

Very few people thoroughly enjoy laundry.  But I have found that everything is more enjoyable when you love the space that you are doing it in.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with organization.  When it works I love it, when it doesn’t it is incredibly frustrating.  Laundry rooms have a way of getting out of control fast.  I love the idea of a folding counter that is out of reach of my small kids and their grabby hands.  And there is no reason to sacrifice style in this space.  This article from Design Milk is full of interesting and creative ideas to spruce this overly utilized space up a bit.

Before & After:  A Kitchen Goes from Rarely Used to the Most Loved Room

This is my go-to blog for inspiration.  Design Sponge features amazing homes and projects that are unique and creative.  You can really get a wide range of style choices, and it offers a glimpse into some beautiful homes with often unexpected designs.  No matter how much work I do to my kitchen, I always find ideas that make me green with envy, and I start to think about new ways to improve the space.  I love how this site and this article use stunning before and after photos to showcase the transformation.

Crystal Glasses – My Online Estate Sale Finds

I love to find blogs that have a personal story. If CoCoCozy doesn’t scream inspiration than I don’t know what will.  Some people just have an eye for beautiful design, and this blogger doesn’t disappoint.  This article matches perfectly with my obsession with second-hand treasures.  I usually scour flea markets and yard sales, but this article shows some beautiful used items found online – what a concept!

The internet is a wonderful thing.  It can also be full of useless misinformation.  It is always advised to do your research before trusting any sources.  Sometimes it helps to weed out the nonsense, and our hopes are to bring you the resources that we not only find interesting, but that we trust will be of value.  Happy dreaming!