Even those in the lumber industry find it challenging to tell the difference between white and red oak. While white oak has less red color, red oak can range from red to pink to the same color as white oak. Anything with varying shades of tan needs further investigation. The texture (grain) of oaks are very similar. White oak is usually a finer texture with a refined appearance and tighter growth rings. The red oak family has members that are fast growing such as laurel oaks, shingle oaks, pin oaks and willow oaks while white oaks usually grow slower. White oak is water tight and is used for example, to make wine and whiskey barrels. White oak can hold water because the pores are “open” and filled with tyloses, which look like foam. Red oak does not have this characteristic. 

Quarter sawn oak are logs sawn at a radial angle into four quarters (origin of the name) then plain sawn. Because of this method, quarter sawn oak boards have flecks and rays which produce a unique look. This is more costly as production is more labor intensive and more waste is produced than plain sawn lumber. 

At Oak For Less, we have quarter sawn pieces in our Mission Collection. While Mission style furniture became popular at the beginning of the last century, it has still maintained popularity. The main features are flat panels and straight lines. 

Here is a Quarter Sawn Queen Bedroom Suite Original Price $7,129 NOW $5,248 - a savings of $1,881. 



Here is a stylish 6 drawer dresser with mirror. Original price $2,149 NOW $1,448 - savings of $701. Choice of color.