Shipping / Delivery

It depends on where you are and which items you have ordered.  We offer furniture products from many different builders. Some are right here in Phoenix, while others are in California, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan. We also offer other select items that are imported from Indonesia or Mexico. As a result, production times vary, so we give an estimated range, based on current conditions.

Please click here for current Production Times.

The listed Production Time is an ESTIMATE, it is NOT EXACT. Items may arrive early or unexpected delays can occur with builders and/or shippers. These situations are beyond our control. By placing an order, the customer agrees that they understand the estimated Production Time.

There are 3-4 options for delivery if you choose to order online.  With our online store, shipping is either White Glove delivery or uShip delivery (states outside of Arizona), Basic delivery (Arizona ONLY), or Fed Ex (or equivalent).

Most items come fully built, so they will require Basic Delivery (within Arizona) or White Glove Delivery (outside of Arizona).  Only a few smaller boxed items can ship Fed Ex.  

The shopping cart will automatically calculate the types of delivery that are available depending on the item(s) and delivery location.

Click HERE for more information about our Delivery Options.

White Glove delivery starts at $345 and varies depending on the item(s) and delivery area.  White Glove delivery includes: Bringing the item(s) inside and putting it in the room of choice (1st floor only **). It includes unboxing and removing the cardboard/packing. It also includes up to 30 minutes of basic set-up & light assembly that requires simple tools (pieces screwed or bolted together). This is a one or two person delivery.  An adult must be at the residence to accept the item(s).

** If your delivery requires stairs - upstairs or downstairs - we need to know in advance.  Please let us know by calling our store at 480-962-9930 and we will let you know if there is any additional charge.

White Glove delivery is usually provided by a national carrier who picks up your order, routes it to the state you are in, and then contracts with a local delivery agent in your area for the final mile delivery service to your home.

A uShip delivery includes the following: Placement inside the first dry area - first floor, no stairs. This is usually a one-person delivery - customer may be asked to assist the driver. The item may come blanket-wrapped or in a carton, depending on the builder. Does not include unpacking, debris removal, or set up. An adult must be at the residence to accept the item.

uShip delivery is provided by an independent shipper who has extra space in their truck and will be in your delivery area.  They pick up your order, transport it, and do the delivery service to your home.

If ordered online, Basic delivery covers areas within Arizona only.  Basic delivery within Arizona starts at $95 and varies depending on the item(s) and delivery area.  Basic delivery includes the following: Placement inside the first dry area - first floor, no stairs. This is a one or two-person delivery - customer may be asked to assist the driver. The item may come blanket-wrapped or in a carton, depending on the builder. Does not include unpacking, debris removal, or set up. An adult must be at the residence to accept the item.

We do not have many items that can ship this way.  Fed Ex Freight is for smaller, lighter-weight items that can be delivered in a box.  Delivery may be at curbside OR placement inside the first dry area - first floor, no stairs. This is a one-person delivery - customer may be asked to assist the driver. The items will come in cartons. Does not include unpacking, debris removal, or assembly/set up. An adult must be at the residence to accept the item(s).

We're sorry - we don't currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

We use a few major national carriers, and also some local delivery services. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

No.  Unfortunately we are not able to ship outside of the continental U.S.

Why don't we offer free delivery? It's a great question. No matter who offers it, delivery is never truly free. With the cost of gas, the time/effort it takes to load/unload the furniture, as well as time spent driving, someone has to pay the delivery cost. If a store offers free delivery, they usually increase the price of their goods to make up for that cost. We are a small mom & pop store with 1 location - we don't have the luxury of having our own trucks like many national chain furniture stores - so we have chosen to keep our furniture prices discounted for everyone, and contract with various delivery services to offer delivery to just those people that ask for it. Customers are also welcome to pick up their furniture or arrange for their own delivery service if they prefer.

Items are always inspected for damage before they are shipped or notified for pick up. Items boxed by the manufacturer are inspected at the manufacturer prior to being placed in the carton. If your item was boxed, please keep the original box and packing materials for your item until you determine it is undamaged. The original box and packing are required for any exchange. The Customer has 48 hours from pick-up or delivery to inform Oak For Less® of any damage (delivery-caused or manufacturer-defect) so that we may arrange for repair or exchange with the manufacturer. If there is damage noted, it is covered under our Warranty - but it is the responsibility of the Customer to transport items to the store for any repairs or return/exchange. Once the item is received, Oak For Less® will determine whether the issue requires repair or return/exchange. After 48 hours, the sale is considered final, with no refunds of any kind.

Some builders may expedite orders for an additional fee.  Please contact us and we will let you know if it is possible to get your order sooner.

In-store Pick Up

Yes.  You must be prepared with your own blankets and tie-downs to cushion & secure your furniture.   We do not provide blankets nor tie-downs.

Once an item arrives, the customer will receive a call letting them know it is available for pick up.

In-store Pick Up is available at:

Oak For Less®
1660 S. Alma School Rd. #100
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Oak For Less® is not able to provide loading assistance every day - it depends on the staff that is available that day. Many items require 2 strong people to load into a vehicle, so customers must bring help when coming for Pick Up.  If you can't bring help, please let us know so that we can schedule someone to be here to help assist loading.  Upon Pick Up, the loading, tie-down, protective wrapping/cushioning, and transportation is the customer's sole risk and responsibility.

No.  We do not have extra blankets or tie-downs. Sometimes we have extra pieces of cardboard, but not always. We recommend customers to bring whatever blankets, cushions, ropes, bungees, or tie-downs you may need to transport your furniture safely.

Also, please measure and make sure the item will fit into your vehicle prior to arriving for Pick Up.

Due to limited storage space at our store, we ask customers to pick up their furniture within 1 week of notification. If items are not picked up within 1 week, a $15 per day Storage Fee will be charged until the items are picked up. Because we understand that sometimes unforeseen situations happen, the time limit and Storage Fee can be waived by Manager authorization, based on justified circumstances.  So if you need us to hold onto your order for more than 1 week, please call us to find out of we can help.


Current estimated production time is per builder item # prefix.
For example, item FD-3051T has an "FD-" at the beginning of its item #.  On our list below, FD- items have a production time of 6 - 8 weeks.  So item FD-3051T has a production time of 6 - 8 weeks.

If your delivery location is outside of Phoenix, Arizona please add at least 2 weeks extra to these estimates to allow for delivery scheduling and routing arrangements.


FA --- 10 - 12 weeks

FD --- 5 - 6 weeks

HM --- 6 - 8 weeks

IFD --- 2 - 4 weeks

LG --- 2 - 3 weeks

OD --- 5 - 6 weeks

SA --- 8 - 12 weeks

SD --- 2 - 3 weeks

WI --- 10 - 12 weeks

It depends on the item and the builder.  Some builders offer just a few finish color choices, while others offer usually there is a stain that comes pretty close to what a customer is looking to match.  If you are trying to match something already in your home, please bring in a door, drawer, or shelf of the finish color you're trying to match.  We can then see if there is a stain color that will coordinate the best - it all depends upon the selection of stain colors offered by the builder of the particular item you're interested in.  We are sorry, but our builders will not custom mix a stain to match a customer's existing piece of furniture nor will they do refinishing.

It depends on the product.  Most of our items are customizable by selecting one of the finish stain choices that are available.  Other items may be customized by size if a customer comes into the store to discuss exactly their size requirements.  We may not be able to customize every feature - it all depends on the builder of that particular piece of furniture. For most customizations, we will have to request a quote from the builder.  We do not customize for phone or internet orders - custom orders must be done in person at our store so that there is a clear understanding by everyone what is being done.

Depending upon the builder, some furniture items come fully assembled, while others have some assembly required. Assembly requirements may change without notice. Usually any assembly is light, such as attaching legs to a table or putting shelves in place. Most chairs come assembled, while others are sold ready to assemble; it just depends upon the builder. All TV consoles, desks, and most bookcases come in one piece, with placement of any adjustable shelves or attachment of handles as the only assembly.  Platform beds and Pier Walls always require assembly.  Sometimes hardware (drawer & door handles) must be attached.

No.  Clearance items are "as is" and are offered at deep discounts below our already discounted prices. Some may even be at or below our cost. Most Last One items are unique in that the manufacturer has discontinued that style or finish and we are unable to order more. Therefore, all sales are final/no returns on Clearance and Last One items.


BE VERY CAREFUL with liquids on wood. Wood should never get wet or soaked. Lacquer finishes only provide a temporary barrier from spills - liquid can cause swelling, warping or staining when it penetrates a finish.  Blot spills up immediately.

Keep Plastic & Rubber Off Wood

Only use fabric/cloth for tablecloths, placemats, and coasters, and use neutral felt instead of rubber for the feet of trivets or display objects that you place on top of your wood furniture.

Do not leave plastic or rubber objects lying on wood surfaces. Plastic tablecloths, placemats, coasters, or rubber trivet feet, etc., should not be used on top of wood furniture since the lacquer can react with the plastics/rubber and damage the furniture surface. Color from plastic tablecloths, appliance covers, wrappers, placemats and toys can leach into wood over time. Plastic can also stick to a finish, damaging it when it is pulled up. Just remember that plastic or rubber can react with the lacquer finish on most items and damage the finish.  Use fabriccoasters, pads, cloths or runners to protect against spills and water rings.  

How to Dust

DO NOT USE A FEATHER DUSTER because it will simply move dust around, flinging it into the air. Feather dusters can't be washed, and a quill could scratch the wood surface if a feather breaks off. Dust is abrasive so infrequent or improper dusting can create a worn, dull surface over the years. Dust can accumulate in carving, cracks and grooves and make wood look dark and unattractive. This dusty buildup eventually becomes hard to remove.

Use a clean, washable cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton. The best choices include an old T-shirt, diaper, cheesecloth, dish towel, piece of flannel, or chamois. The cloth should have no snaps, buttons, zippers or thick seams that could scratch furniture surfaces. Do not use a cloth that has hanging threads or unraveling edges. These could catch on wood slivers, molding, knobs or other loose pieces.

Experts typically recommend sprinkling a few drops of water onto a dusting cloth. The trick is to moisten the cloth just enough to make dust adhere to it. The cloth should not be so damp that it wets the wood. If you can see any trace of water on the wood after you wipe, your cloth is too damp. Some conservators recommend using distilled water for heirlooms or antiques. As you dust, keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface so that you do not scratch the wood finish with the dust already on the cloth.

You might want to use a spray-on dusting aid or polish. If so, consider whether you want to apply silicone oil to your finishes. This type of oil is used in most commercial furniture sprays and polishes. Silicone oil may penetrate the finish and make it difficult to refinish or repair the surface later. To find out if your product contains silicone oil, consult the label or call the manufacturer.

Follow the Grain

Wipe off dust using gentle, oval motions in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Turn or fold the cloth as soon as dirt is visible on any section. Keep a pile of clean cloths handy so you don't move dust and dirt from one spot to another. Lift, don't slide, lamps and objects to dust under and around them. Avoid soiling adjoining upholstery. Launder soiled dusting cloths immediately.

Carefully Choose Wood Care Products

Unless your furniture is unfinished, or the finish has deteriorated, when you clean your furniture you're actually cleaning the finish, not the wood. Proper care can prolong the life of a finish, making the surface of furniture slippery so that objects slide along it without scratching.

PASTE WAX has been used for centuries as a finishing material and a furniture care product. If used properly, paste wax will provide a thick, hard, lasting finish. Liquid wax is similar, but typically provides a thinner coating. Waxes dry hard so they do not smear and attract dust and dirt. Paste wax typically lasts six months to a couple years, depending on how much the furniture is used and how many coats are applied. Paste wax will help delay the formation of water rings, giving you a little extra time to wipe up the moisture. Some people, especially antique lovers, prefer the soft sheen provided by waxes. Wax will not interfere with future refinishing.

Make sure you buy a wax designed especially for wood furniture. Waxes for cars, shoes or other finishes might harm furniture.

OILY CLEANERS and polishes will not provide a lasting, hard coat. The polishes and cleaners containing silicone oil will create a nice shine and a slippery surface, but they can interfere with refinishing. This type of oil can seep through cracks in the finish into the wood. That can ruin the new finish later. Be aware that labels often fail to say whether products contain silicone oil. Follow the manufacturers' instructions when using spray or liquid polishes. If you have waxed your furniture and want to switch to an oil-based polish or vice-versa, first clean the furniture with mineral spirits or a solvent-based wax remover. Do this in a spot with plenty of ventilation away from any heat source or sparks. First test the product you are using in an inconspicuous spot. When the piece is clean and dry, wax or polish. If you accidentally mix wax and oil, the finish will turn cloudy. In that case, wipe the finish off and clean it with mineral spirits or a solvent-based wax remover. Wax or polish when the finish is dry.

CLEAN BRASS HARDWARE with caution. If the brass hardware on your furniture has a protective lacquer coating, it probably will not tarnish and will only need to be dusted. If the brass is tarnishing and you want to polish it, either remove the brass or slide a piece of mylar plastic behind the hardware so that the brass cleaner does not touch the wood finish.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage a finish and bleach the wood underneath. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the finish to crack, sometimes in a pattern resembling the skin of an alligator. Tablecloths and doilies slow down the process, but they don't stop it. Try to keep furniture out of direct sunlight.

When that's not possible, reduce the amount of light streaming on any piece of furniture. Consider planting shrubs in front of windows to block direct sunlight. Use window shades, drapes, or blinds to block light during the time of day the furniture is exposed. Consider using UV screening films or tinting windows and skylights.

Uniformly expose surfaces to light. Especially avoid letting the sun hit only part of a surface. Occasionally move lamps, doilies and other objects so the wood bleaches uniformly. Consider covering furniture with sheets or blankets if you leave your home for part of the year. Consider moving furniture around periodically so that the same piece does not absorb light all the time. Remember that some bleaching can be desirable. Antique collectors actually look for the rich, soft tones that slight fading can bring.

Avoid Extreme Heat or High/Low Humidity

Prolonged exposure to heat and/or high or low humidity can also be detrimental to wood furniture.  In a high humidity environment with lots of moisture in the air, wood will swell, absorbing the moisture, so it can warp.  Low humidity or dry heat can make wood dry out and shrink, so splits and cracks may form and joints may loosen.  This is the nature of real wood adjusting to the environment in which it was placed.

Because wood expands and contracts with the moisture level of the air, it is best to keep wood furniture in a climate-controlled room where the temperature is kept at a moderate 70-72 degrees and a humidity level of 50-55%*.

Avoid Chemical Exposure

Keep solvents such as nail polish remover, alcohol and paint thinner away from wood furniture because they can harm the finish. Alcohol is contained in colognes, perfumes and medications as well as in wine, beer and liquor. Fingerprints, perspiration and body oils can harm a finish over time, especially on chairs. Plants and flower nectar that touch the finish can also cause permanent stains.

Placing hot items on furniture can cause a chemical change in the finish that results in white rings or spots.

Guard Against Scratches

Lift, don't slide, objects on wood. Place objects on trivets, tablecloths, doilies or others covers to protect the finish. Use felt bottoms on lamps and other decorative objects. Avoid brightly colored felt because its color could leach into the wood. Some experts say brown is the best color choice.

Carefully Move Furniture

Lift heavy furniture with the help of at least two people. Sliding pieces could hurt the wood floor and damage furniture legs by applying too much sideways pressure. If a drawer has two handles, use both to open it. Don't stuff drawers with too many or too heavy items.

PLEASE NOTE: General wood furniture care advice is offered here, but for your specific needs, please consult a professional furniture repair technician. Furniture specialists can be found online or in the phone book. They can also assist you if your furniture is damaged or needs repair.

Some information on recommended temperature and humidity was gained from this great article:

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Buying furniture is a serious purchase and not something to do on impulse. Only buy furniture when you know you want it, its size, finish, and style will work in the space you want to place it, it will fit through your doors and hallways, and you know you can afford it. Most of our furniture is built to order, so once an order goes to a builder, the item is built just for you.  If the online order is canceled within 48 hours of its placement, we will issue a full refund to the credit card charged. If the online order is canceled after 48 hours, the refund will be given by check, less a 25% Cancellation Fee.  If the order is Cancelled after it arrives at our store, there is a 25% Restocking Fee since the builder will not take it back and we will have to sell it off our floor.

Our Return policy for orders is simple:

The customer must notify Oak For Less ® within 2 days of pickup or delivery, that they want to return the item. The customer is responsible for safely returning the item to the store, with the original packaging, within 10 days of pick up or delivery. If the item is returned within 10 days, has no damage, and is in unused condition, the customer has a choice of receiving store credit for the full purchase amount or they may receive a check for the refund less a 25% Restocking Fee. We do our best to work with the customer to resolve any issues but any Shipping/Delivery Fees are not refundable.  Custom items, Clearance items, or Last One items are not returnable and not refundable.

If the item is returned with damage or signs of use, there will be an extra Repair Fee assessed to repair the damage so that the returned item will be sale-able. Repair Fees begin at $50, depending on the level of damage.

After 2 days, all sales are final with no refunds of any kind. No refunds or exchanges are given on altered furniture nor on Custom Orders.

Also note, Oak For Less ® is not responsible for any personal articles left behind in returned items. It is the customer's responsibility to check the furniture carefully before it is returned. Please contact our store if you have any questions regarding our Return policy.

Oak For Less ® warrants the furniture against manufacturer defects from ONE YEAR from date of invoice. "Defect" as used in this warranty refers to any material or workmanship imperfections which impair the use of the product. Warranty covers manufacturing defects in construction and does not cover the finish for wear since there is no reasonable way to know how the surface has been used and cared for.

Once a piece of furniture leaves our store, Oak For Less® has no control over the environment the furniture is placed in, nor the way in which the furniture is used. Solid wood and wood veneer furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight, nor should they be subject to areas of high or very low humidity. Exposure to strong sunlight though a window can fade or alter the finish color. No furniture should come into contact with standing liquids, therefore liquid spills should be wiped up immediately. Do not place hot items or plastics directly on the furniture as the finish could be damaged. Plastic tablecloths, placemats, coasters, trivet feet, etc. should not be used on top of the wood furniture since the varnish can react with plastics and damage the furniture surface. Only use cloth for tablecloths, placemats, coasters, and felt for the feet of trivets, etc.

We do not advise putting glass tops on top of dining tables, or other surfaces such as tv consoles, desks, etc. Although your intention would be to protect the wood surface, the wood (whether solid or veneer) needs to have air circulation. Because the wood is made of cells and fibers that expand and shrink depending on the humidity and temperature, putting a glass top on basically seals off any moisture from only the top side, so the bottom side of the wood surface can expand more than the top and create warping. Felt pads can be used to lift the glass from the wood surface and give air circulation, but even professional woodworkers cannot agree how much space is enough. That is why we advise against glass tops. Putting on a glass top is done at your own risk.

Furniture oil should only be used occasionally on oil finish pieces to maintain their condition. Use of wood polish or oil is not generally recommended for lacquered/varnished pieces because the finish would prevent it from getting to the wood; it would merely lay on top of the finish, and finishes or veneers can be ruined depending upon their reaction to the product.

Furniture should be cleaned with a damp cloth lightly moistened with water (not dripping) or a dry microfiber cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain lines. These are general instructions. Please see our page on Furniture Care for more details.

For upholstered furniture - dark, rich dyes especially those used particularly in jeans/denim can have a lasting effect on light colored upholstered furniture, so due to the fact that we have no control over what the fabrics (even Performance fabrics like stain-resistant Crypton) are exposed to, we cannot warranty the fabric/leathers against staining from dark, rich dyes (Crypton also notes this on their website HERE).

Warranty does not cover floor samples and does not cover items sold in “as is” condition, such as Clearance or Last One items. Warranty does not include commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential use.

Warranty shall not extend to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, overloading, pets, accidents, fire, flood, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, or acts of God. Alteration of the furniture by the Customer will void any Warranty. Warranty does not cover burnt out light bulbs, misplaced shelf pins, or damages incurred during the Customer’s transportation of the product.

If it was boxed by the builder, the furniture must be returned with all of the original packaging in place in order to receive a return/exchange with that builder. Warranty is valid for original Customer on invoice and is non-transferable. Warranty is not valid if merchandise has been moved from original delivery address.

Oak For Less ® will determine whether the warranty issue requires repair or return/exchange. Under this warranty, it is the responsibility of the Customer to transport items to the store for any repairs or return/exchange - the Warranty does not include shipping costs to/from the store. In-home service may be available for an additional charge. We provide no other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. Manufacturers may have extended warranties of their own.  Items that are shipped outside of Arizona do not have a Warranty - after 48 hours of receipt of the furniture, the sale is considered final.

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