Shipping Quotes

Questions about shipping outside of the Phoenix area?

We have shipped all over the U.S., but we do not currently have a shipper to do Alaska nor Hawaii, and do not have international shipping (sorry!).

Each order is unique - so we need to get a shipping quote for you

For a shipping quote, please contact Michael at our Mesa store at 480-696-4773 or by email at  He takes care of all of our out-of-state shipping and will be happy to get you a shipping quote.

 Please note - not all items are shippable outside of Arizona.

Let us know:

  • item product #s
  • quantity
  • delivery city - state - and zip code
  • are any stairs or steps involved?
  • if leaving this in a phone message, please include your name and the best call back phone number

With this information, we can get a shipping quote.