Why Buy Amish Furniture


The furniture you choose for your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and it is big investment, so it’s important to select quality furniture that not only looks beautiful in your home, but that will also withstand years of use. At Oak For Less, we believe the value quality wood furniture offers is incomparable when it comes to home furnishings. Our oak furniture store located in Mesa is a family operated business that delivers the best Amish and mission style furniture at discount prices, so more households can enjoy the benefits of quality oak furniture.   


Whether you are in the process of furnishing your home with all new furniture, or you’re simply looking to replace an outdated item, we encourage you to consider Amish furniture from Oak For Less. Sorting through the abundance of furniture styles and options that is currently on the market certainly takes time. You’ll find yourself researching different styles, functionality, and most of all, durability. Other furniture materials don’t meet all three qualities, while Amish furniture will fit and exceed those standards. Continue reading to learn the benefits of purchasing Amish furniture for your home.


American Made Amish Furniture

Many mass producing furniture companies outsource the construction of their items to other countries with significantly lower labor and material costs. Low employee wages and poor working conditions is what makes their products affordable for consumers. But affordability isn’t always a good thing. The furniture company makes a big profit while taking advantage of their employees and their customers.  

One of the biggest differences between Amish furniture and other furniture companies is all Amish furniture is made in America, never across seas and never outsourced. Many consumers find comfort in their purchase when they know it was produced in the US and will even sway their final decision. Amish furniture is primarily made in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio and made entirely of solid wood that extends the lifetime of the furniture while maintaining the quality.  

Amish furniture offers you an American-made product, worthy of display in your home. Buying furniture made on American soil makes many consumers feel better about their purchases. The American-made label gives you a feeling of confidence in your purchase with the guarantee of quality.

You also know exactly who benefits from the sale of the furniture. The hardworking Amish communities that craft the furniture from quality materials sustain themselves with the sales. Your money goes to compensate the people who handcraft the pieces instead of to a large corporation churning out piece after piece. By supporting the Amish communities in America, you ensure those furniture makers have the means to continue producing quality pieces for all to enjoy.

If you’re not sure why using hardwood matters, here are a few reasons:

  • Enjoy natural beauty 
    The hardwood construction ensures a beautiful design for your piece. Wood grain detailing is difficult to replicate when you don’t use the real thing. Real wood construction of Amish furniture lets that natural beauty shine through in your finished piece.
  • Select unique pieces 
    Oak and cherry wood, in particular, offer natural wood grain and coloring variations, making each piece unique. That means your Amish furniture pieces are one-of-a-kind instead of a cookie-cutter piece that looks exactly like other mass-produced pieces off an assembly line. No two Amish pieces are identical.
  • Make a stately appearance 
    Solid wood offers a sense of permanence. It stands on its own, creating a presence in the room, and solid wood oozes a warmth and charm you don’t get from cheap veneers or particle board.
  • Get lasting quality 
    Hardwood won’t wear, crack or break down in a few years like composite wood products. When properly prepared and maintained, wood lasts for decades without damage that makes it look old or renders it useless.
  • Appreciate low maintenance 
    Quality Amish furniture pieces don’t require a lot of extensive maintenance. Dusting the furniture keeps it clean. Polishing as little as once every six months helps maintain the look and finish of the furniture.

Rustic Wooden Furniture

Mass-produced furniture typically comes in one standard material. Some might offer you a few finish options for some variety. However, Amish furniture pieces come in a variety of real wood options, giving you more control in the look of the finished piece.

Red oak is a standard material option, with cherry available for most furniture pieces. Maple, walnut, hickory, and white oak are also options for many furniture items. Any type of hardwood gives you a durable, quality piece with the natural beauty of the wood grain. Our selection of hardwoods lets you customize the look of your piece.

Not sure which hardwood to choose? Each type of wood has different benefits and minor differences. Here is a quick guide:

  • Red Oak: Red oak is a classic option that is often a favorite. It’s strong and easy to work with and is generally a reddish-brown color.
  • White Oak: Also strong and easy to work with, this wood type has a golden-brown hue. It has a finer grain than red oak and comes quarter-sawn, which means it is cut at an angle for a grainy appearance.
  • Maple: Fine grain with straight lines, maple has a high degree of stability. It’s also more affordable than other hardwoods and takes on a cherry look when finished with dark cherry stain.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood stains and finishes well. It also ages well and often comes from sustainably grown forests for greater environmentally-friendly quality.
  • Walnut: Dark in brown color, walnut is slightly more expensive and offers a rich, elegant tone.
  • Hickory: Grain patterns vary widely for a distinct appearance. Hickory works well with rustic design schemes, and it’s gaining popularity.

After building the furniture, the pieces get a meticulous hand-staining for a rich, quality finish. This process ensures a consistent quality finish without uneven application or scratches that take away from the beauty of the piece.

The handcrafted quality of Amish furniture goes beyond the reliability of the product. Because each piece is produced by hand, it is like a work of art for you to display in your home. Just like any piece of cherished art, Amish furniture becomes an heirloom for your family to pass from one generation to the next. With that comes the many memories and stories your family creates around the furniture. An Amish rocking chair might hold stories of rocking generations of babies in your family, for example. A dining table brings back memories of family holidays and special gatherings.

Traditional and Timeless Design

If you walk through a typical furniture store, you will likely see hordes of trendy pieces with a few traditional styles in the mix. Amish furniture stays away from the fast-changing trends of furniture that quickly become outdated, instead of sticking with traditional, timeless designs. Amish furniture pieces follow time-tested designs with attention to detail. The pieces make strong use of proportion and balance for a look that is pleasing to the eye and fitting in a variety of settings.

Why is traditional styled furniture a smart investment? Here are some of our favorite reasons:

  • Longevity: The classic styling of Amish furniture means you don’t have to worry about your décor looking outdated in a few years. That Amish bedroom set, bookcase, or entertainment center will look just as great in 15 years as it does now.
  • Versatile Styling: Just because your Amish furniture stays in style doesn’t mean the rest of your décor won’t change. Because Amish furniture offers classic design elements, it fits in well with a variety of design themes and colors. Easily update the look of your space by changing other design elements with the confidence of knowing your Amish furniture pieces will still fit.
  • Personal Tastes: Do you prefer rustic or contemporary? Clean and sleek or formal? The timeless look of Amish furniture fits into almost any style of home decorating, making it an easy choice no matter what your style. Amish furniture is a way to find common ground with a partner who doesn’t share your decorating style preferences since it is such a versatile option.
  • Passing Down Pieces: The heirloom quality paired with the timeless design makes Amish furniture perfect for passing down from one generation to the next. Have you ever visited an estate sale and wondered what the owner was thinking with the furniture selection? Timeless Amish furniture doesn’t cause that reaction.

Shaker-style Amish furniture offers simple designs, often with subtle curving and tapered legs. The tapered design aims to keep the furniture stable, yet lightweight. Shaker pieces often use turning on the legs for the same reason. Any knobs on Shaker-style furniture favor wood construction over metal to maintain the simple look.

The Shaker look reflects the simple life of humility of the Shaker people who originated the style. That’s why you won’t find ornamental designs, inlays, or exposed joinery on Shaker furniture pieces.

Mission-style Amish furniture features clean lines for a balanced, even look. Expect to see straight angles and lines throughout the design. Parallel slats often build those straight lines while adding strength to the piece. Exposed joinery gives you a glimpse at the quality craftsmanship that goes into each furniture piece. Mortise and tenon joints are common.

Unlike the wood knobs of Shaker-style Amish furniture, Mission pieces often incorporate black, metal, or diamond-shaped knobs. Another difference is the typically darker stains found on Mission furniture.

Invest In The Best Amish Furniture

Not only does Amish furniture look great anywhere in your home, but it also serves a very practical purpose. Each piece features a design that functions smoothly for everyday use with solid construction and stability. An Amish dining room table offers a stable spot for nightly meals with your family, entertaining with friends or holiday gatherings. An Amish-made desk gives you a sturdy base for studying, working from home or handling your bills.

Amish furniture is more than a decoration in your home. It is an investment in quality. Because of the resourcefulness of the Amish furniture makers, the furniture pieces are typically an affordable investment. This allows you to put your furniture budget toward pieces that last for years, maximizing the money you have to spend. An added bonus: Since the Amish craftsmen take care of the assembly, you won’t spend hours trying to read sparse directions and piece together hundreds of screws and particle board sections to build a mediocre piece of furniture.

Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Amish furniture production uses environmentally-friendly methods that make you feel good about your purchase. When compared to traditionally manufactured furniture, Amish pieces make a much smaller impact on the environment.

Many furniture manufacturers use large factories to mass produce piece after piece of furniture. Those factories usually have huge carbon footprints, kicking out pollution that harms the planet. Machinery used to build the furniture also consumes huge amounts of electricity. Additionally, those furniture pieces likely contain a number of toxic chemicals, including flame retardants, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and other dangerous components. Those chemicals off-gas into your air long after you bring those furniture pieces home.

Amish furniture eliminates much of the harm done to the environment as a whole and the air quality in your personal home environment. The Amish artisans who handcraft the furniture do not use electricity because of their religious beliefs. Hydraulic and pneumatic tools take place of the pollution-churning factories, minimizing the impact on the environment. The furniture makers don’t drive motor vehicles to the workshop, either, which prevents additional pollution.

A typical furniture shopping trip goes something like this: You wander a showroom floor full of stock pieces with very limited options for customization. The salesperson likely knows very little about the different brands, where they come from and why you should buy them.

Shopping for Amish furniture is a completely different experience. The furniture pieces are not mass-produced, meaning you have a lot more input on how the finished product looks. You have a wide selection of options available to get just what you want. In fact, you may have more options than a huge furniture store full of stock pieces.

Amish furniture comes in styles for every room in the house. Whether you want to furnish one room or the entire home, you’ll find the pieces you need. Here are some examples of furniture for various parts of the home:

  • Living Room: bookcases, coffee tables, curios, entertainment centers, futons, rockers, sofas, and chairs
  • Amish Dining Room Furniture: chairs, dining sets, hutches, and benches
  • Kitchen: breakfast nook set, island, chair, and chairs
  • Bedroom: beds, nightstands, bedroom sets, jewelry chests, and blanket chests
  • Office: desks, desk chairs, file cabinets, and bookcases

If you’re shopping for genuine and authentic Amish furniture that will last for generations, stop by our furniture store in Mesa!


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