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Trend Lookout

Trend Lookout

Across the country, the weather seems to be confused about what season it is. One day it is warm and balmy, the next it is the frigid arctic. This got us thinking about how fast furniture and design trends change. With each design season, new color palettes emerge, and specific materials become the prominent front runner in popularity.

If you aren’t a person who conforms to the current trend, that is perfectly fine. In fact, we applaud you. As you know from our inventory and our blog posts, we love classic and traditional style as much as modern and trendy. Above all else, we value quality. That being said, it never hurts to look. We love to keep our eye out for fresh ideas and new furniture concepts. Therefore, we bring you a collection of rising trends to ponder. Happy browsing!

Soft Tones

A great neutral palette is something that never goes out of style. If you want to kick it up a notch in the class department, add in some rose and blush tones, and compliment it with some brass accents. Adding a little sparkle to the room is a feminine touch that also oozes sophistication.

Green with Envy

Don’t be afraid of color. 2019 will be seeing a lot of green in the interior design world and we don’t mind that one bit. A rich forest green is a wonderful accent to add depth and comfort to your space. It pairs easily with other earth tones. Since we are partial to oak furniture, we love the way green tones compliment the wood material.

Wood on Wood

Have we ever mentioned that we love wood? We are certainly not disappointed to see wood being highlighted in various ways as spaces are built and updated. Mixing different types of wood, colors of wood, and different grain patterns is a unique way to feature this wonderful material. After all, what compliments wood more than wood?

Wallpaper is Back

Wallpaper may seem outdated, but it is making a huge comeback this year. And not just any wallpaper. We are seeing wonderful textures, colors, and patterns. Add it to just one wall, or go all out and cover the entire room. Maybe consider painting the trim or doors a bold color as well. Get creative!

We are already into the second month of the year, and 2019 is seeing some exciting trends in interior design. Be brave in your color choices. Think about textures. And you can never go wrong with wood. Design your space to match your style and comfort.

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